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Who are MirCrystals meant for?

MirCrystals are Loved by All 

Safe and fun for all ages, and can be worn anywhere on the body. Suitable for Adults, Kids and Teenagers. MirCrystals are a one of a kind, jewelry line, of self adhering body crystals. Our jewels are meant for anyone who wants to catch that second look. MirCrystals add an elegance to any of life's special moments. 

What makes MirCrystals so Unique

Made with Quality

All MirCrystals are handmade in the USA, made only with Authentic Swarovski Crystalized Elements and Diamante Designs Glitter Jewels. The reflective shine from the crystals and glitter jewels is unlike any other.  MirCrystals are Waterproof and reusable when using MirAdhesive. When worn in the sun the jewels leave a nice tan under the surface.

When is the best time to wear MirCrystals?

Suitable For Any Occasion MirCrystals are appropriate for all of life's special moments. Depending on the placement of the jewel, MirCrystals  can be played down for casual wear or dressed up to the nines. Wear our crystals to  Pool, Beach, and seaside Parties. Festivals, Bridal parties, concerts, Halloween, Christmas Parties the possibilities are endless. Just remember you will be an instant show stopper.

Where is the best spot for placement?

No Chains or Hooks

 MirCrystals have no restrictions which makes them unlike any other jewelry product  and can be placed anywhere on the body. A Tip from our professionals is to do a bend test. Before application make sure not to place your jewel on a part of the body that bends too much because that will cause your jewel to lift off the skin. If your jewel is lifting, paint a small layer of MirAdhesive on the edges, let it dry and place it back down on the skin.

MC Sunray on Model in Pool copy.jpg
On the Beach
Simple to Apply

Wearing MirCrystal for the first time is easy.

Beach Accessories
Easy to Remove

Removing MirCrystal is Completely Painless.

On the Beach

Reapplication 2 ways.

Apply MirAdhesive before you put it away. 


Apply the glue before you wear it.


Brazilian Treats



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Crystal Nails

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