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Q-voe Cosmetics

Image by Kelly Fournier

Pure Mineral 


Q-voe Cosmetics offers 108  colours of natural mineral pigments. We offer an assortment of collections that come in a stack of 10 but can be purchased as singles or can be mixed and matched to make a unique palette tailored to you.

Our cosmetics are created for professional makeup artists but can be a wonderful addition to the everyday makeup routine for an everyday beauty chaser.

Q-voe cosmetics can be used for any occasion from a natural casual beauty to a glamorous camera ready statement.

1Pod= Endless Possibilities

Q-voe Cosmetics are made from pure high quality minerals that renders them to be easily manipulated for different creations depending on the base used.


We offer a wide variety of bases to give you a multidimensional look all in one product.


When used dry Q-voe pigments can be used as

Eyeshadow, Blush, Contour, Highlight,Brow Tint and more.

When our loose mineral pigments are paired with...  

  • Water - Liquid Eyeliner

  • Clear Nail Polish/Gel and Acrylic 

  • Clear Lip Gloss

  • Clear Hair Gel for temporary streaks

  • Your favorite face cream foundation and concealer

  • QBase liquid eyeliner

  • Vitamin E lip balm and eyeshadow primer for an even more intense pigment

  • MirAdhesive for matte Diamanté Designs

Sky is the limit.

Beauty in Glam Makeup
Image by Taisiia Shestopal

Natural and Trusted

Q-voe Cosmetics offers professional shine and rich colors that are water, crease and fade resistant making it ideal for all day wear.

Pair our mineral pigments with our wide collection of natural Brush Strokes for flawless applications. 

We are a trusted family brand that has been around for over 20 years. From our vanity to yours we offer healthy beauty products that can be used safely on even the most sensitive skin types. We DO NOT animal test and we do not use talc or fillers.

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