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Q-voe Cosmetics

Mica Mineral Makeup

Q-voe Cosmetics offers a large selection of loose powder mica mineral makeup. Our colors are brilliant and strong because we use nothing but pure mineral pigments. Our colors are stronger than others and are multi-functional. You will be amazed with all you can do with one color.

Female Model


 When applied dry, our pure mica mineral pigments can be used as an eyeshadow, blush, temporary hair highlights and a body shimmer.

Depending on the base you use Q-voe Cosmetics can be quite versatile. Try our mica mineral pigments with clear nail polish, clear mascara, clear lip gloss, MirAdhesive or water.

Organic and 


Q-voe Cosmetics are made and packaged in Tustin California, USA. We manufacture our custom colors to ensure a cruelty-free line of cosmetics. We do not use fillers or dyes to ensure flawless application.

Pink Blush

Custom Collections.

We offer a wide variety of colors and collections that can be purchased in sets or individually. We carry colors for everyone. Bold and bright, shine and shimmer or natural and matte. 

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Mica Mineral Makeup 

Veils and Shimmers

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Mineral Quads


Brush Strokes

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