Diamanté Designs

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Who can wear

 Diamanté Designs?

Anyone who has a love for art and colors. All you need is a bottle of MirAdhesive, a Glitter Jewel and imagination. If you need help we have multiple Stencils to give you a hand. You can also use traditional tattoos as a personal coloring book. Sky is the limit.

What is 

Diamanté Designs?

Glitter body art unlike any other. Our designs are waterproof and last anywhere from 3 to 7 days. Glitter Jewels are made from a fine fabric so when it is paired with MirAdhesive it is safe and allows the skin to breath. Create a unique design and enjoy. 

Where can I wear 

Diamanté Designs?

ANYWHERE! You think it you can do it. There are no limitations or restrictions when creating Diamanté Designs. These designs transform you into a walking masterpiece of art.

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Why pick 

Diamanté Designs?

Not only is it unique and beautiful.

Its YOU! 

You are the artist you say what goes and what gets nixed. Our shine is brighter than any others. Its easy to become addicted.

Simple to Apply
Easy to Remove
Tattoo Enhancement

Glitter Jewels

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