GOLD SPARKLE has a gold hue. It is sheer and translucent with a golden starlight sparkle. This color definitely gives a diamond effect.

Gold Sparkle is in the Heavenly Collection. HEAVENLY is a sheer translucent palette with underlying dual reflective properties making them look two toned when moving under the light. 

Our pigments are true to their color. Our cosmetics are created for professional makeup artists but can be a wonderful addition to the everyday makeup routine for an everyday beauty chaser.

Q-voe Tips:

  • Apply dry to create: Eyeshadow, Blush, Contour, Highlight, Hair Streaks and Brow Tint.

  • Transform your pigments into the following:

  1.  Liquid eyeliner when used with QBase

  2. Colored Nail polish when paired with clear Nail Polish

  3. Colored Lip gloss when paired with Clear Lip Gloss

  4.  Foundation and Concealer when used with cream or moisturizer 

  5. Tinted Lip Balm when used with Vitamin E

Gold Sparkle HE-01