Coppa Cabana is inspired by the warm breeze found in the tropics. This jewel will enhance a sunkissed shoulder on a sunny breezy day.  You can rearrange Coppa Cabana to create a bracelet or an anklet.  

Coppa Cabana

Option 1: Crystal
  • MirCrystal Jewels are ready to wear. Simply peel your jewel from the release liner and place it on clean skin.  For best wear, place your jewel on areas with the least amount of flex. Avoid areas such as elbow, knee or center of lower back.  

  • To re-use your MirCrystal Jewel, add a thin layer of MirAdhesive to the back of the jewel.  MirAdhesive is white and will dry clear.  Once it dries clear it is ready to be worn again or to be placed back on the release liner for later use. 



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