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MirCrystal is the most Unique Line of crystal body jewelry because it is worn without  limitations of hooks or chains.

Removable - MirCrystals are easy to remove which makes them perfect for a temporary dazzle.

  Reusable - With simple reapplication MirCrystals are hand crafted to last. 

Waterproof - The bond of our MirAdhesive is strong enough to keep MirCrystals in place even when in water. So go on,  have fun, and enjoy our sparkle.

Diamanté Designs is a temporary glitter body art that is removable and waterproof. 

Diamanté Designs stays on the skin from 3-7 days.

There are many ways to create a Diamanté Design

Stencils - Diamanté Designs has a signature line of stencils that are simple to use. Over 25 custom designs.

Free Hand- If you can draw a line and a circle you have the ability to create magic with only MirAdhesive and our signature line of body glitters "Glitter 

Tattoo Enhancement - Dress up your work of art with a kick of  beautiful and interchangeable colors. 

Glitter body art and stencils for brides and formal events. Temporary glitter body art applied with body adhesive. Romantic design orchid and swish. Dusty Rose, Pink, White and Silver body glitter.

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Bridal Makeup

Q-voe  cosmetics is a line of natural mineral makeup that is free from dyes and chemicals. 

Natural vibrant pigments that leave a flawless glow.

Q-voe Cosmetics are pure mineral. This makes them versatile and can be combined with different Q-voe bases to create alternate makeup effects. We offer an assortment of bases that you are certain to adore.

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